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OTC – One Horrible Class Motion – Dismissed


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Considered one of 2022’s top-ten circumstances, In re Zantac (Ranitidine) Merchandise Legal responsibility Litigation, ___ F. Supp.3d ___, 2022 WL 17480906 (S.D. Fla. Dec. 6, 2022), opened with a 4-page critique of the shortcomings of the product testing performed by a purportedly “unbiased” laboratory that touched off that massively meritless MDL litigation.  Id. at *1-4.

Extra bogus product “testing” shaped the premise for Sapienza v. Albertsons Firms, Inc., et al., 2022 WL 17404919 (D. Mass. Dec. 2, 2022), which was likewise dismissed 4 days earlier, solely on preemption relatively than Rule 702 grounds.  Sapienza was a putative nationwide class motion based mostly on allegations that “unbiased testing” confirmed the defendant’s over-the-counter (“OTC”) “speedy launch” acetaminophen product “dissolve[d] extra slowly than” related merchandise that weren’t labeled “speedy launch.”  Id. at *1.  The remainder of the criticism consisted of the standard boilerplate financial loss/“premium” pricing claims.  Id.

As a result of Sapienza asserted financial loss, relatively than private damage claims, the “product legal responsibility” exception to OTC specific preemption in 21 U.S.C. §379r(a) was relevant, and because of this Sapienza was duly dispatched on a movement to dismiss, relatively than lingering till abstract judgment, as in Zantac – or escaping preemption altogether as within the dreadful In re Acetaminophen − ASD-ADHD Merchandise Legal responsibility Litigation, 2022 WL 17348351 (S.D.N.Y. Nov. 14, 2022), that we blogged about right here.  This preemption provision bars any state-law declare “that’s totally different from or along with, or that’s in any other case not similar with, a [FDA] requirement” relevant to this OTC drug.  Id. at *2 (quoting §379r(a)).

For plaintiff Sapienza, the now-“last administrative order” governing acetaminophen (and various different) merchandise included “dissolution requirements” – incorporating requirements “promulgated in america Pharmacopeia (USP).”  Id.  Particularly:

The USP requirements determine acetaminophen tablets as “fast launch” when a product dissolves by a minimum of 80% after half-hour.  Additional FDA steering identifies acetaminophen tablets dissolving 85% or extra inside half-hour as “quickly dissolving” and people who dissolve inside quarter-hour as “very quickly dissolving.”

Id. (citations omitted).  Plaintiff’s case had a significant issue, “[t]he testing on which [plaintiff] rests her claims confirms that the [product] meet the USP and Quick Launch Steerage dissolution requirements.”  Id. at *3.

The Sapienza opinion thus noticed that, because of this, all the “claims are preempted insofar that they try to reinforce the prevailing authorized labeling requirement.”  Id.  Plaintiff first argued that preemption didn’t apply as a result of the USP requirements had been phrased by way of “fast launch” relatively than “speedy launch, the time period that appeared on the product.  Id.  That argument vanished, nearly instantly.

FDA preemption regulates dissolution requirements typically − the subject material of Sapienza’s state-law claims − even when the wordings barely differ. . . .  [W]hile the FDA might not have thought-about the precise language addressed it had clearly addressed the substance of the claims at problem.

Id. (citations and citation marks omitted).  Plaintiff relied on a meals determination “to argue that “speedy launch” would wish to look verbatim within the FDA and USP rules to have preemptive impact.”  Id. (quotation omitted).  However in contrast to the meals case, the monograph right here grew to become last by congressional fiat.  Id.

Additional, because the product actually met the relevant dissolution requirements for “speedy launch,” that different merchandise not so labeled “might dissolve simply as (or much more) quickly is not any extra related as a comparability than is a bag of ice labeled ‘frozen’ versus one merely branded as ‘ice.’”  Id.

Lastly, the plaintiff’s place made no sense as a sensible matter:

To seek out in any other case would require the FDA to record phrases in each attainable permutation of comparable phrases to have preemptive impact.  But limiting the FDCA’s preemptive energy in such a manner would undermine the latitude Congress offers companies to have authority over issues during which they’ve subject material experience – right here the FDA’s duty to judge and regulate medication.

Id. at *4.  To restrict preemption, and subsequently the scope of FDA regulation, to verbatim similar phrases wouldn’t solely depart from the plain language of §379r(a), however would place a premium on weird claims:

This argument proves an excessive amount of. By this logic, a producer may make any declare − wild, untruthful, or in any other case − a few product whose contents usually are not addressed by a particular regulation.”

Id. (quotation and citation marks omitted).

Whereas “sapienza” means “knowledge” in Italian, plaintiff’s arguments definitely weren’t.  Poof.  Sapienza fairly quickly dissolved, because of OTC preemption.




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