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Get a Full Arm Exercise


Panatta Standing Whole Arms is a dual-function machine that allows an entire arm exercise, completely reproducing the curling motion for the biceps and the push-down motion for the triceps. The primary advantages are optimum rigidity over your complete ROM assured by the CAM and larger security in comparison with the usage of free weights resembling dumbbells and barbells.

The extensive footplate with anti-slip remedy and several other changes of the machine make the Standing Whole Arms appropriate to adapt to customers of all sizes. However, the rotating deal with has a number of grips that reproduce the straight bar with massive grip and EZ barbell mouldings with two completely different widths, slim and medium.

There’s instantaneous swap from biceps to triceps or vice versa; this makes the Standing Whole Arms not solely versatile typically, but in addition irreplaceable when coaching arms in supersets, with out the necessity to change gear or station as is the case with free weights or different energy equipment.


Beginning with the deal with from the decrease place, the biceps curl with EZ bar is simulated; the grip might be:

• extensive, with palms in good supine place;

• medium or slim with the palms in semi-supine place, so to keep away from forcing on the elbow joints.

Among the many completely different grips, the extensive straight grip and the medium-angled grip permit to barely flex the shoulder after the elbow has been totally flexed, thus resulting in a larger peak of muscle contraction.


Beginning with the deal with from the higher place the push-down is simulated with straight or angled bar, that equally to the earlier case, permits two sorts of grips: extensive grip with the palms completely inclined or a medium/slim grip with the palms in a semi-prone place. Even on this final case, the 2 angled positions reduce forcing on the elbow joint whereas nonetheless guaranteeing optimum muscular stimulation.

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