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EDNY Holds Glucosamine Claims Preempted


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We name ourselves the Drug and Machine Regulation Weblog, however typically we cowl instances outdoors the drug and system area as a result of such instances can typically be useful or inspiring. Maybe it’s an instance of considering outdoors of the field.  

Jackson-Mau v. Walgreen, Inc., 2023 U.S. Dist. LEXIS12057 (EDNY Jan. 24, 2023), is a dietary complement/meals FDCA preemption case with a few factors that may be of worth to drug/system defendants as effectively.  Jackson-Mau is one among a number of instances across the nation by which plaintiffs sued producers and sellers of glucosamine dietary supplements, complaining that the product contained a glucosamine mix as a substitute of a single crystal glucosamine.  What distinction does that make?  None, as far we are able to inform, and that nondifference is a part of why the case was dismissed.  The plaintiffs didn’t allege any bodily damage. However preemption was one more reason why the plaintiffs misplaced and since when has this weblog been ready to withstand the temptation to speak a few good preemption case?

The plaintiffs in Jackson-Mau alleged violations of New York’s shopper safety statute, in addition to breach of contract and unjust enrichment.  The defendant moved for abstract judgment, arguing that the Meals, Drug and Beauty Act preempted the claims, each expressly and through battle, and that, in any occasion, the New York State regulation claims failed on the deserves.   The court docket agreed with the defendant and dismissed the case. 

The center of the defendant’s preemption argument is that the grievance sought to impose labelling necessities totally different from the federal ones.  The plaintiff argued that the product was mislabeled as a result of it referred to as itself glucosamine sulfate, suggesting single crystal glucosamine when in actuality it contained a glucosamine mix. In keeping with the plaintiff, the alleged misnomer existed each within the “supplemental info” in addition to different elements of the label.  

Was it a misnomer, or perhaps a lie, for the producer to establish the product as glucosamine sulfate within the supplemental info part?  Not in keeping with the FDA, on condition that the product handed the take a look at for such nomenclature below each the U.S and European Pharmocopeia and the FDA had chosen to depend upon these reference factors.  The Jackson-Mau court docket held that “[o]nce the FDA has chosen to depend on official compendiums” — right here, to determine the right names of dietary complement lively substances — “Plaintiffs can’t disregard these compendiums, and it’s not this Court docket’s function to second guess the scientific and technical judgment of the FDA.”  The plaintiff discovered some excerpts the place the FDA appeared to counsel {that a} compendium’s identification of a specific ingredient shouldn’t be essentially the final phrase on what identification is “scientifically legitimate,” however the court docket noticed that time as a non sequitur: “The excerpt doesn’t change, however additional clarified the truth that glucosamine’s inclusion in compendial sources blessed by the FDCA and its laws controls how it may be recognized on the Product’s ‘supplemental info’ label. The Court docket due to this fact finds that Jackson-Mau’s claims are expressly preempted insofar as they concern the ‘supplemental info’ panel.”

 This facet of the Jackson-Mau holding is probably useful to us, as a result of, within the drug/system space, the federal government (Medicare and different packages) likewise depends on official compendia of legitimate off-label makes use of to find out the reimbursabilty of the price of medication/units which can be used off label.  

The defendant in Jackson-Mau additionally argued that the plaintiffs’ claims had been preempted to the extent such claims had been premised on product testing at odds with FDA laws, which particularly mandated use of various product testing.  We equally see cases of plaintiffs making claims in opposition to medication (not units, so far as we all know) based mostly on their very own questionable testing.  We’ve actually seen such claims by plaintiffs in talc litigation. To the extent that the FDA has made regulatory choices based mostly on several types of testing, preemption is also a protection.  

Lastly, the Jackson-Mau court docket held that the plaintiffs didn’t allege an precise damage.  The plaintiffs argued that they might not have bought the glucosamine, or would have paid much less, in the event that they knew it was the mix.  However the plaintiffs got here up with no proof that there was no demand for the mix, and didn’t even elevate a real situation of truth supporting their “premium worth principle.”  Thus, on grounds wholly impartial from specific and battle preemption, the Jackson-Mau case was a goner. 

Maybe the plaintiffs in Jackson-Mau will attraction, however they can’t succeed except they flip a triple-play, and the chances of that taking place are lengthy certainly.  




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